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Committing to Fitness and Avoiding Injury in 2015

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With the New Year underway, there are thousands of New Yorkers who have made a resolution to commit to a healthier, more active lifestyle this year. While the advantages and merits of these resolutions are numerous, a new (or renewed) commitment to fitness can also spawn some unfortunate injuries. No matter what your fitness goals are, getting injured surely isn’t one of them. Here’s a look at the most common sports…


3 Common Golf Injuries

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A game of golf is great fun and a form of exercise. Although it is usually thought of as a low-impact sport, many fail to take into account the strain golf can take on your body. Let's take a look at three common golf injuries: Shoulder instability and dislocation. The shoulder is the body's most mobile joint, and can be injured or dislocated during golf. Golf requires constant, repetitive movements of the shoulders,…